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成人高考专升本英语不定式作状语:不定式作状语 注意作状语的动词不定式要与其逻辑主语在意义上和数上的一致。  

1、表示目的  1)its plans to promote disarmaments,the party has decided to establish a campaign headquarters with Benjamin Seaman as its leader.  

[A]Although  [B]To carry out  [C]Except that  [D]Make  

2)pure lead,the lead ore is mined,then smelted,and finally refined.  

[A]Obtaining  [B]Being obtained  [C]To obtain  [D]It is obtained  

3)When they met,Leonardo and his enemy were fighting.  

[A]killed each other  [B]killing each other  [C]to be killed each other  [D]to kill each other  

表示原因  It's very kind of you to say so./I am pretty pleased to hear the news that you are elected as the president of the club./I'm sorry to interrupt you./They are quite surprised to see the great changes taking place in the area.

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